All you need to do is enjoy the living, changing art in your aquarium.

We specialize in innovative custom aquarium designs and aquascapes that naturally enhance your home or office. Whether your aquarium is in a large commercial lobby or a room divider in your home, your aquarium will become the centerpiece of the room. We design both freshwater and saltwater aquariums. Our aquariums can be seen throughout the Houston and Dallas areas.

Aquariums have the power to enhance our lives with unique, dramatic and, at the same time, soothing environments. The stunning, vibrant aquarium designs created by Aquarium Creations add interest and are designed to complement your space as a unique architectural feature. Whether you want a freshwater or saltwater aquarium with a fish-only system, a living reef, or a combination of the two, our staff can design an aquascape that achieves your vision.


Aquarium Creations has an experienced staff that will manage and oversee the entire installation process for your new aquarium. If your project is part of a construction or renovation project, our team will work closely with your architect, designer, or builder to incorporate your vision and design into the project. We specify all of the requirements, including the plumbing needs, electrical, water feeds and cabinetry to make sure installation is smooth and exceeds your expectations.
We are committed to the highest standard of customer service for all our projects – the design and installation of home aquariums and large office installations, supported by expert maintenance to keep your living art thriving and beautiful.